DB Cargo UK tests vegetable oil fuel

DB Cargo UK, a subsidiary of German railways in the UK, and the metallurgical group Tata Steel have tested hydro-treated vegetable oil as fuel for a Class 60 locomotive which hauled 2 500 tonnes of steel coil from Margam steel works in Port Talbot to the Round Oak terminal at Brierley Hill in the West Midlands, reports Railway Supply magazine citing the Railway Gazette.

DB Cargo UK tests vegetable oil fuel

For the first time, a Class 60 diesel locomotive operated in the main network on 100% renewable fuel, produced by processing vegetable oils or animal fats. This can reduce CO2 and NOx emissions by up to 90%.

Tests have proven that the fuel can be used in Class 60, 66 and 67 locomotives “with little effect on power output.”

Currently, DB Cargo UK’s fleet of 228 locomotives uses 45 million liters of diesel per year.


Eco-friendly fuel for diesel locomotives