Stadler has teamed up with Utah State University (USU) and the ASPIRE Engineering and Research Center to develop, manufacture and test the FLIRT Akku, a two-car battery-powered road train adapted for the US market, Railway Supply reports citing RailTech.


Although the battery-powered FLIRT Akku is already in use in various parts of Germany, it has yet to be adapted to US infrastructure and national regulations. ASPIRE has been tapped to develop the charging infrastructure, while USU will join the testing phase, during which the parties hope to get information about the operation of the battery train on US tracks.

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The Stadler train will be deployed in the Wasatch area of Utah, where stakeholders hope the project will lead to the creation of manufacturing jobs as well as the opening of electrified suburban and light rail systems in the future.

Since there are almost no electrified routes in the North American public rail system, the zero-emission battery train is an excellent alternative to diesel engines.

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