The first route from Vietnam to Kazakhstan was launched on December 31. The train departed from the Pingxiang railway station in Guangxi in southern China and arrived at the dry port of Xi’an in the east of the country for assembly. Then the train was sent to Kazakhstan by China-Europe Express. The main products carried by this vehicle are electronic components made in Vietnam. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to RailFreight.


Due to the impact of the war in Ukraine, the opening of this new route has been delayed. In the past, most of the electronic components produced in Vietnam were shipped to Central Asian countries by sea. However, due to outbound plan limitations and volatile delivery times, the entire process took around 50 days. This new route could shorten the route from Vietnam to the Central Asian market to around 25 days. This is not the first time that Vietnam has used the China-Europe Express to transport goods across the Eurasian continent.

British passenger trains are equipped with infrastructure monitoring systems

With the relocation of many Chinese factories to Vietnam, Vietnamese rail transportation has gradually become a market in which many have begun to show interest. Since Vietnam uses the meter gauge, it takes a long time to replace it with the Chinese standard gauge. One ambitious project is re-gauging in Vietnam to increase Sino-Vietnamese trade. According to data released by Nanning Customs of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in October 2022, a total of 607,000 tons of goods have crossed the Sino-Vietnamese border. However, this market still needs to be developed. According to the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam, by 2030, the volume of import and export of railway cargo in Vietnam will reach 5 million tons.

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