Spring snowfalls complicate transportation around the world

In the first half of March the operation of Kazakhstan railways was complicated by heavy snowfalls. Practically in all regions of the country work was carried out around the clock to clear the tracks from snow and ensure the safety and smooth movement of trains. More than 13 thousand employees of mainline railway networks were involved in snow fighting, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to SK News.

Spring snowfalls complicate transportation around the world
Picture: sknews.kz

More than 805 units of snow removal equipment were involved in the work. Removed 248 thousand cubic meters of snow.

Heavy snowfalls last Sunday also covered the central part of the United States. While tornadoes were raging in Texas, a blizzard hit Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. Heavy snowfall and rain fell throughout the day in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. In some states of the northeastern United States, record highs of snow fell – about 70 cm of precipitation.

Spring snowfalls complicate transportation around the world
Picture: abcnews.go.com

Thousands of flights were canceled due to bad weather. Several highways were covered with snow and closed.

In Denver, all bus and rail public transport routes were suspended, with the exception of a line from downtown Union Station to the airport, which was on a reduced schedule.


New York Subway snow and ice removal machines

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