On the day of the visit of the President of Ukraine to Poland, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine informed about the works to launch a new railway connection with Warsaw. After more than 20 years the Hrebenne – Rawa Ruska railway border crossing will be renewed. The Ukrainian side has restored the 1435 mm gauge track, which will allow trains from Poland to go to Rawa Ruska. It is then possible to transfer to a train that will follow a wide track to Lviv. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Nakolei.


The first train crossed the border on 6 April. It is worth stressing that this was the first Polish passenger train to enter Ukraine since the start of the war, according to SKPL, which operated the route.

UZ signed a cooperation agreement with the railway of Moldova

Officials from both countries travelled on the SKPL train. The passage of the special train was aimed at testing the technical feasibility of launching a daily direct service from Rawa Ruska to Warsaw. The launch of regular trains is planned in the next few months. The first regular trains are likely to depart when the June timetable adjustment takes effect.

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