Škoda will supply spare parts for Wabtec diesel locomotives for Kazakhstan

The Czech company Škoda Electric works under a contract with the American corporation Wabtec (which includes GE Transportation). A subsidiary of the Czech Škoda Transportation Group will soon begin supplying a new series of key spare parts for locomotives that will operate on lines in Kazakhstan. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply, citing information from Škoda.

Škoda will supply spare parts for Wabtec diesel locomotives for Kazakhstan
Picture: www.skoda.cz

“For Škoda, this is a large and technically challenging project with unique customer requirements. For example, due to the extreme temperature range from -55 to +55 degrees Celsius, ”the message says.

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The engineers of the Czech company have developed a mechanical drive for Wabtec locomotives to withstand extremely harsh climatic conditions with temperature drops of up to 20 degrees Celsius.

“At present, spare parts for 9 locomotives are in production, deliveries will begin in the middle of this year. We supply the “heart” of locomotives – full mechanical drive, engine, gearbox and wheelsets. This is a very prestigious contract for a discerning American client who will supply Kazakhstan with up to 110 modern six-axle locomotives for passenger transport by 2025, ”says Karel Mayer, Sales Director of Škoda Electric.

It is noted that the company already has experience in supplying the main components for the same customer: 39 such locomotives are already operating at KTZ, their mileage is tens of thousands of kilometers.

Diesel locomotives are assembled directly in Kazakhstan.


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