Škoda Vagonka invests and increases production of new trains

It has been 444 days since the start of the Nová Vagonka project, during which the largest gantry machining center in Europe was opened.

Škoda Vagonka invests and increases production of new trains

A major expansion of Škoda Vagonka’s production capacity, which required a total of one billion kroons, is nearing completion, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to Škoda Transportation.

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Recently, the company successfully completed another investment project worth 100 million kroons – the construction of a new modern paint shop, the installation of automatic machining centers, the commissioning of a welding machine and accessories for three other welding lines.

The paint shop will be one of the largest in Central Europe and would be able to treat the surface of wagons the size of a football field on a weekly basis. Due to the investment, the production of new trains will increase by two-thirds compared to the current one. Škoda Vagonka is part of the Škoda Transportation Group from the PPF group.

Škoda Vagonka launched a large center for the processing of aluminum parts

The new paint shop and machining centers built in Ostrava are among the best in Europe. “We are significantly increasing our production capacity. In addition to our own orders, we will be able to work on other projects within the Škoda Transportation Group, ”says Martin Bednartz, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Škoda Vagonka, adding:“ We have completed the most significant investment in technology. increasing productivity and efficiency of production, labor safety, ecology (insulation and more economical lighting), digitization, etc. ”


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