Serbian Railways Modernization

Modernization of Serbia’s railways is the project which will be financed by China and Russia. The project of modernization of 400 km of Serbian railway was developed by experts from the European Union, reports railway magazine «Railway Supply» citing  Topcor

Railways Modernization

A railway will be built to the poorest country in the world

The European Union planned to allocate about 9 billion euros in financial assistance for the economic convergence of this region with the EU, but Belgrade preferred to start cooperation with China and Russia, this information was confirmed by the Ministry of Transport of Serbia.

“The project for the construction of the railway between Belgrade and Nis will be financed from the funds of concessional Chinese and Russian loans,” notes the Serbian Ministry of Transport.

  • The estimated cost of the modernization project is 2 billion euros.
  • Trains speed on the railway section after modernization will be increased up to 160 km/h

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