The main carrier of the aggressor country proposes to stimulate the transportation of containers in open wagons from the Far East by increasing the tariff for empty wagon runs from the stations of the region by 51%. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail.insider.


In turn, market participants emphasize that this will greatly worsen the economy of coal routes, which require an early return of empty wagons. However, they admit that this will increase RZD’s revenues: “RZD’s proposal will lead to a slowdown in the network, a shortage of wagons in freight regions and will not lead to an increase in container shipments, although it will certainly increase the monopoly’s revenues.”

Lukashenka regime is in a panic from the actions of the rail partizans

Another proposal put forward by the monopoly is to increase by 11.2% the tariffs for the transportation of loaded and empty containers to the ports and border crossings of the Far East. As previously reported, Russian Railways has already significantly raised freight rates this year. In addition, the reversal of Russian exports will be partly paid for by railway passengers.

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