The infrastructure of the Belarusian Railways was taken under heavy guard by the KGB, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. Such events are unprecedented and have not been held before. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the telegram channel of the Community of Railway Workers of Belarus.

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But for the time being, due to these measures, ordinary employees of the Belarusian Railways fall under the distribution. So, for example, last week, during the evening duty of the track srvice worker, security officials (without identification marks and in balaclavas) jumped out of the forest along the rails and “twisted” him with the use of force.

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While the railroad worker was trying to explain who he was, he was severely searched and only then asked for his official ID. Then the security forces called the management of the track service to clarify whether it was a railway worker or a “saboteur”. Finally, the employees did not apologize, but said, literally: “don’t fuck around here.” And this is not the only such case in recent times.

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