The company has announced an open request for “innovative” solutions and technologies designed for placement and fastening of 20- and 40-foot large-tonnage containers in universal four-axle gondola cars, including innovative ones. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the telegram channel Technics of Railways.


New solutions and proposals for the design of fasteners should provide: cost reduction in relation to existing ones; a significant reduction in the duration of loading and unloading operations; reducing the time spent by the container at the terminal. Key indicators of the expediency of making a decision on the possible prospects for the operation of the developed fasteners: the cost of the materials used and the length of the loading time.

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It is noted that the existing methods of placing and fastening containers in gondola cars contain restrictions on the application of the loading principle under consideration and can be improved taking into account modern requirements for traffic organization and the concept of technology development.

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