Russian Railways accepted the test results of new double-deck cars

The commission with the participation of representatives of the Federal Passenger Company, Russian Railways and other organizations adopted the test results of new double-deck passenger cars of the 2020 project, created at the Tver Carriage Works (JSC TVZ). Cars model 61-4524 and two models 61-4523 (compartment) are designed for operation in the form of a traction. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the information of the manufacturing company.

new double-deck cars

The fundamental difference between the new rolling stock and the railcars of the previous models is the use of air springs in the bogies, which provide a smoother ride.

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The carriages also differ in body dimensions. “The new constructive solution allowed to increase the distance to the ceiling by about 300 mm, thereby improving the conditions for passengers on the upper shelves of the second floor, and the passage along the corridor of the second floor became more convenient,” the message says.

Model 61-4523 cars have 16 four-seater compartments. Structurally, they make it possible to form a two-car train, in which two cars are connected by a pressurized passage. One of the railcars is provided with a service room for the conductor and a control panel for systems and equipment of both cars. In the other, a service area is located, where vending machines and coffee machines can be installed, a luggage compartment or a place for transporting bicycles and alpine skis is equipped.

The railcar of 61-4524 model accommodates a compartment for a passenger with limited mobility and an accompanying person. A lifting device is mounted at the entrance to the car.

In the compartment of the carriages “full-fledged sofas appeared instead of shelves with soft linings.” It is possible to regulate the air temperature in each compartment and individual safes are installed. The carriages contain three toilet complexes, one of which is equipped with a shower.

The production of railcars “2020” will be carried out under a long-term contract concluded between JSC FPC and JSC TVZ in February 2019 for the period until 2025. In accordance with it, the Tver Carriage Works is to build 3730 passenger cars of various types. More than 1100 of them have already been manufactured and delivered to the customer.


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