Russian ports are on the verge of a transport collapse due to attempts to import from Asia. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Information Resistance.


In the port of Astrakhan, where ships with imported cargo from India now come through the Caspian Sea, there are big traffic jams, ships are unloaded for 2-3 weeks due to the workload of the port infrastructure and the lack of workers. Accordingly, there are no empty containers and container ships in Anzali, Iran, where ships are supposed to be loaded: they are all waiting for unloading in Astrakhan.

The number of freight trains from China to Europe exceeded 10 thousand

Through Novorossiysk, and then by rail, goods from India travel faster than through Astrakhan, but still delivery to Moscow takes 30-35 days.

In Vladivostok, problems began in October, and have now grown into a real collapse with no signs of improvement. It takes 10-15 days from the moment the ship leaves to the port, but many ships are in the roadstead waiting for unloading for 10-25 days, although back in September they spent an average of 5-7 days on this.

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