Ukrzaliznytsia banned the use of castings the service life of which exceeds the limit on freight cars. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail.insider.


“From January 1, 2023, cancel the UZ instructions regarding the possibility of completing freight car bogies (including 1435 mm gauge bogies) with side frames and bolsters, the service life of which exceeds the limit established by the design and regulatory documentation for their manufacture and repair,” – the document says.

KTZ redeemed its bonds

It is clarified that the maximum service life of cast parts of bogies is 40 years for parts manufactured before 1983, and 37 years for parts manufactured since 1984.

Repair depots and plants of UZ were obliged “when performing all types of repairs, to ensure the completion of freight car bogies with cast parts with a service life that allows them to be operated until the next overhaul period.”

The ban is introduced in order to increase the level of train traffic safety, bring the technical condition of freight cars to the standards specified by the documentation for the repair and maintenance of freight cars.

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