Railway operator DB Cargo: the operating loss is over 286 million euro……

DB Cargo, freight company of German railway operator Deutsche Bahn, using financial data from the first half of 2020 (the operating loss — €286 million) foresees comparable losses for the second half of 2020.

Railway operator
Picture: www.deutschebahn.com

In September 2020, Sigrid Nikutta, the new head of DB Cargo, offered a new strategy of developing the company. The main principles of this strategy are cost cutting and expanding the range of logistics services of DB Cargo. This was reported by «RWS» railway magazine, citing Nieuwsblad Transport

DB Cargo is a part of German railway operator Deutsche Bahn and is one of the biggest freight companies of Europe.

  • over 4200 branch lines
  • freight services in 17 European countries
  • freight car fleet — over 82000 cars
  • locomotive fleet — over 2700 locomotives