«Pridneprovskaya» replaced part of the railway track on the Amur bridge

The regional branch “Pridneprovskaya Railway” of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” has updated the bridge bed on one of the runs of the railway section of the Amur Bridge across the Dnieper River. During the five-day “window”, the railway workers laid 82 running meters of ballastless bridge bed instead of 246 worn wooden beams within the bridge span # 15, reports railway magazine Railway Supply referring to Pridneprovskaya Railway.

replaced part of the railway track
Picture: dnipro.depo.ua

The replacement will reduce the operating costs of maintaining the railway bridge (wooden beams are extremely scarce and require renewal every 6–8 years) and will extend the life of the bridge structure. The work performed will also increase traffic safety in the direction of Pokrovsk – Pyatikhatki, where high-speed trains “Intercity +” run.

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The personnel and technicians of the Dnieper bridge-building train of the Center for the Construction and Repair of Engineering Structures branch, the track machines of the Pridneprovsk Directorate of the Center for the construction and repair of tracks and the Dnieper track maintenance department of the regional branch of the Pridneprovskaya Railway were involved in the repair work.

In total, on the railway part of the Amur bridge, it is necessary to lay the slabs of the ballastless bridge bed within 12 runs. The entire volume of capital work is scheduled to be completed during 2021 – 2023.


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