UTK, Polish regulator in the field of railway transport, has systematized the investment programs of freight and passenger carriers from the data of their annual reports.

purchase of rolling stock

The programs are divided into two stages:

The first stage (2022-2025). It is planned to purchase 21 freight and 62 passenger locomotives (74 electric locomotives and 9 diesel locomotives), more than 1,000 freight wagons, 148 single and double-deck electric trains, 290 single and double-deck passenger cars. It is also planned to modernize 93 freight and 43 passenger locomotives, more than 1,000 freight wagons, 38 electric trains and 463 passenger cars.

Second stage (2026-2030). It is planned to purchase 28 freight electric locomotives and 25 diesel locomotives, 370 freight wagons, 23 high-speed rail trains, 56 one- and two-deck electric trains, as well as 12 trains with hydrogen traction. In addition, 169 freight locomotives and 6 electric trains are to be modernized.

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply  with reference to tzdjournal.

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