In a dispute with the board of PKP Cargo over wage increases, trade union activists turned to the prime minister and the chairman of the ruling party for help. In their opinion, the inefficiency of the company’s management leads not only to a loss of market share, but also to a slowdown in coal transportation. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rynek Kolejowy.

PKP Cargo

According to the authors of the letter, the situation at PKP Cargo is developing “in a very dangerous direction.” Trade union activists do not spare words of criticism of the government, whose actions are considered as inept as those of the previous one.

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Due to the introduction in April of this year of the embargo on Russian coal, the company had to overshadow the implementation of other transport contracts. The volumes of coal transportation do not differ significantly from the times before the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and the transportation of other groups of goods is declining. One gets the impression that the board of PKP Cargo does not care about the fulfillment of the task set by the Prime Minister for the transport of coal, nor about the future of the company.

Trade unions blame the board of PKP Cargo for the growing wage conflict in such difficult conditions. In their opinion, the company’s management is not even close to meeting its most important requirements. They also accuse the board of misleading the regulator by withholding information about traffic difficulties.

Trade union organizations warn that they do not intend to give in, and a further tough stance by the company’s management could lead to an “acute nationwide conflict.” The board of PKP Cargo has not yet commented on this topic.

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