PKP CARGO and Wagony widnica, owned by the American Greenbrier Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of railway rolling stock, have signed an agreement of intent to partner in the production of railroad cars.

production of railway wagons

The letter of intent was officially signed at the headquarters of the Warsaw Stock Exchange during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of PKP CARGO SA.

This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply

“The subject of the letter of intent is an expression of the interest of both companies in possible cooperation in the production of certain types of freight cars, and, in particular, the provision of any kind of technical and technological support from Wagony widnica ”.

The agreement is related to the intention of PKP CARGO to build and launch a plant for the production of railway wagons for freight transport.

“The concept that we want to implement is that PKP CARGO will be the owner of the plant and Greenbrier will act as our technology partner, providing the know-how needed to start production,” explains Czeslav Varsevich, President of PKP CARGO SA. At the same time, he adds that the details and conditions of cooperation will be included in the agreement, which will now be agreed upon. The head of PKP CARGO hopes that the first cars will be produced in 2022-2023.

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