The Pesa hydrogen locomotive won the 2021 Good Design Award for Vehicle Construction.

Pesa Hydrogen Locomotive Wins 2021 Good Design Award

The SM42-6Dn hydrogen shunting diesel locomotive manufactured by PESA for Orlen Koltrans received the Good Design 2021 Award from a competition organized by the Industrial Design Institute, informs Railway Supply magazine citing Nakolei Pl.

The locomotive constructors Bartosz Piotrowski and Krzysztof Nogowski also received an award from the Minister of Culture for this project.

Retrofitting the SM42 was a daunting task for both the PESA engineering team and designers. The locomotive received not only an innovative drive powered by hydrogen fuel cells, but also a modern look, the minimalistic design of which is in line with modern trends.

Pesa Hydrogen Locomotive Wins 2021 Good Design Award

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The original shape of the SM42 (only the support / frame and part of the undercarriage remained) was completely redesigned – the cab was moved to the center of the machine, and the space gained through this procedure was allocated to accommodate additional technical equipment, including fuel cells and hydrogen tanks. The driver cab is two-sided, has a social area and an air conditioning system.

From an ergonomic point of view, the challenge was to provide the best visibility for the driver within the limited space (available space) and optimal positioning of functions in the normally confined cab space. For the first time, the hydrogen shunting diesel locomotive was presented at the Traco International Railway Exhibition in September this year.

The machine is currently in the commissioning phase and will be commissioned at the PKN Orlen refinery in Plock in autumn 2022. The award from IPW is another award for the PESA design team.

Other vehicles designed and manufactured by PESA have also been awarded the Good Design title: 2006 – 218c rail bus, 2013 – Gama Marathon locomotive, 2014 – 2015N Krakowiak (Twist Step) 2016 – Pesa Sundeck – two-stroke train 2018 – badge of distinction for the Twist Gorzów 2015N tram. In 2016, the Pesa DART project was highly praised by the international jury of the IF Design Award.

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