Overhaul of AC and DC traction motors

PJSC “Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant” is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine in the field of overhaul and modernization of DC and AC traction motors for traction rolling stock of railway transport.

Overhaul of AC and DC traction motors

Due to a large number of technological developments, quality control at all stages of repair, the company ensures and guarantees the release of high-quality products.


  • NB-406B, ED-118A (B), TL-2K1, NB-511, ED-141U, DT-9N, TE-006


  • NB-412K, NB-418K6, NB-418KR1


  • NB-110, AE-92-4, NB-429A, AP-82-4, NB-430A, AS-81-6, NB-431A, TL-110M, NB-436A, TL-122, NB-436V, P-11M, NB-455, DMK-1/50-U2, NB-455A, NB-453, DK-405K, AP-81-4, DT-51, AS-82-4, DT-53, ETV- 20, DT-61A, ETV-21, DT-63A

Even after the warranty period, our company provides a number of maintenance services for equipment of various types.

Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant offers appropriate modernization programs for various types of rolling stock. The main criterion for selecting a program for each specific Customer is economic efficiency and optimal cost of work. It all depends on the technical condition of the machine and the goals of the customer.

PJSC ” Lviv Locomotive Repairing Plant “

Address: 79018, Ukraine, Lviv, 1A Zaliznychna Street

Tel./fax.: +380 32 233 30 25

Stadnytskiy Oleksandr Mykhaylovych (stadnytsky_om@llrz.com.ua)

+380 67 802 0626 Acting Chairman of the Board of LVIV LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT. PJSC

Nazarkevych Pavlo Volodymyrovych (nazarkevych_pv@llrz.com.ua)

+380 67 340 5487 Administrator LVIV LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT. PJSC



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