Odessa railway installed more than 800 anti-theft devices

In order to prevent unauthorized interference with the operation of signaling and communication devices in 2020, 849 protective devices were installed in the regional branch of the Odessa Railway JSC Ukrzaliznytsia. This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the press center of the regional branch.

Odessa railway installed more than 800 anti-theft devices

In particular, 100 electric switch drives are equipped with modernized shut-off dampers, 175 choke-transformers are protected with reinforced concrete sarcophaguses. Door opening control alarm has been introduced in 86 relay stations and 488 additional locking devices have been installed on relay and battery cabinets.

During 2020 124 cases of deliberate theft and damage by unauthorized persons of signaling, centralization and blocking and communication devices occurred in the communication sector of the Odessa Railway, which is 62 cases less than in the same period of 2019.

The amount of damage amounted to more than UAH 1.5 million, only 0.8% of which has been reimbursed at present. 58 trains were detained as a result of interference

Most of the cases were at the Odessa and Nikolaev signaling and communication distances. Station Kulbakino, Nikolaev-Gruzovoy, the Greigovo-Lotskino section are the most problematic sections. Here there was a systematic beating of lens sets of traffic lights, theft of equipment covers. Cutting of the cable network was recorded in Odessa and Chernomorsk.

During the year there were 7 relay cabinets dismantled, 42 relays, 38 transformers, 34 covers for various signaling equipment stolen, 2.3 km of the cable network cut, etc. The building of the amplifying point at Rauhovka station was also damaged.


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