North Sea-Baltic Rail Freight Corridor: Latvia and Estonia are joining

Latvia and Estonia join North Sea-Baltic Rail Freight Corridor which was previously finishing at Kaunas in Lithuania. The corridor’s northern branch has now been extended to Riga and Tallinn using the existing 1520 mm gauge line, together with Kaunas – Vilnius –Daugavpils – Krustpils – Riga as a diversionary route.

Rail Freight Corridor

Lviv railway station

Representatives from the transport ministries of Latvia and Estonia have joinied the executive board of corridor, so its governance structure has been enlarged. Latvian infrastructure manager VAS Latvijas Dzelzceļš, its Estonian counterpart AS Eesti Raudtee and the Latvian capacity allocation body AS LatRailNet have all joined the management board of North Sea-Baltic Rail Freight Corridor, which is coordinated by Polish infrastructure manager PKP PLK (railway infrastructrure operator), as «Railway Supply» reports referring Railwaygazette

After the expansion, Corridor 8 comprises 4 480 km of principal lines, 2 524 km of diversionary routes and 1 008 km of connecting lines, linking 201 terminals and 12 ports.

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