The Swiss startup Nexxiot has been selected as the supplier of the technical solution that will ensure the digitalization of the entire rolling stock fleet of Innofreight. Innofreight develops innovative InnoWaggon flatcars, specialized containers for them and unloading systems. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to zdmira.


On European railways, 230 InnoWaggon block trains pass daily. Innofreight has a fleet of 2,700 wagons and 23,000 specialized containers. More than 1,000 railcars of these have been equipped with Nexxiot’s on-board telematics devices. The new cars built for Innofreight by the Croatian company TŽV Gredelj (part of Tatravagónka) and the cars of the existing fleet will be equipped with Globehopper family on-board units.

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Nexxiot’s telematics devices, powered by solar panels and built-in batteries, allow real-time monitoring of the location and various parameters of railcars. These devices allow the connection of external wireless sensors, including third-party ones. Nexxiot is part of the European ITSS association, which is involved in the development of standards in the field of the Internet of Things for freight rail transport. In 2022, Knorr-Bremse acquired a stake in this company.

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