Newag will supply four hybrid Impuls II trains

The Polish company Newag will supply four electric-diesel hybrid Impuls II trains for the regional operator of the Lower Silesian railways Koleje Dolnośląskie. The total amount of the contract is 170 million PLN (about 44 million USD).

Newag will supply four hybrid Impuls II trains
Picture: Newag

The contract was awarded through a tender announced in February. The first three trains are expected to be delivered within 18 months, and enter service on KD’s network in mid-2022.


The three-section trains will have a top speed of 160km/h using electric traction, and 120km/h in diesel mode, and will have capacity for 315 passengers. The trains are also designed to offer improved accessibility for passengers with poor mobility, and will feature air conditioning and wireless internet in all coaches, as railway magazine Railway Supply reports.

Newag is a Polish company based in Nowy Sącz, specializing in the production, maintenance and modernization of railway rolling stock.

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