In December 2020, the acceptance committee had assessed the test results of solid-rolled wheels with a curved disc made of grade 2 steel for innovative freight cars manufactured by Prommashkomplekt LLP, reports railway magazine «Railway Supply» referring to the manufacturer’s website.

New design of a railway wheel
Фото: ТОО «Проммашкомплект»

The advantages of the new railway wheel design:

  • high performance

  • increased axle load – up to 27 tons.

  • extended guaranteed overhaul period

The axial load of up to 27 tons is achieved due to the application of the principles of low-stress desing in the disc design, which ensures a low level of stresses in it and a high fatigue endurance limit.

The results of the set of tests: the minimum endurance limit of the disc of a wheel of a new design was more than 510 kN, which is 22% higher than that for standard wheels with a flat-conical disc.


4 million railroad wheels in 40 years!