Nevomo will build magrail testing laboratory. Nevomo and Ciech Sarzyna, a subsidiary of the Ciech Group, have signed an agreement to develop a magnetic levitation test facility in Poland. Nevomo leases the necessary land and infrastructure from Ciech Sarzyna to build a full-scale 750 m long test site.

Nevomo will build magrail testing laboratory
Picture: Nevomo

Work will begin in the summer of 2021, making the track the longest passive magnetic levitation test laboratory in Europe, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Railway Pro.

“The construction of the 1: 1 scale test track on the site provided by Ciech Sarzyna is another milestone in the development of magrail technology. Successful implementation of these tests paves the way for pilot deployments that are planned for 2022–2024. Magrail technology is expected to be fully operational by 2025, ”said Pavel Radzishevsky, board member and CTO of Nevomo.

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Ciech Sarzyna will provide Nevomo with access to the area with railway tracks and adjacent infrastructure, as well as, in particular, an office building and warehouse, located in the commune of Nowa Sarzyna, in the Podkarpattya region, Poland. The test track will test linear drive and passive levitation technologies as well as power electronics for powering and controlling a multi-segment linear motor.


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