Network Rail, working with partners in the railway industry under the slogan UK Rail for Ukraine, once again provided great assistance to colleagues from Ukraine. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to the Global Railway Review.

Rail for ukraine

UZ has played a key role in getting people to safety and getting vital supplies to the front lines, so the rail industry has come together to offer support. Network Rail delivered eight railroad bridges, 30 bridge support towers and tunnel repair systems, focusing on the nation’s major routes.

The operation to lift the wagon and transformer has been going on for three weeks

“We have been on the ground in Ukraine to see the work in progress,” Peter Gibbons, Chief Security Officer for Network Rail, said. “We have seen the difficult conditions that the Ukrainian Railway is working under. They have already lost 300 colleagues during this conflict and the personal stories from their employees are heart-breaking.”

UK Rail for Ukraine is a rail industry initiative set up by volunteers in early February 2022 to facilitate the delivery of large amounts of aid to those affected by the war.

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