State Enterprise “Railway of Moldova” (Calea Ferată din Moldova) plans to sell about 100 locomotives that have not been in operation for more than 25 years.

Moldovan Railway will sell 100 old diesel locomotives

The general director of the enterprise Oleg Tofilat announced this in an interview with Rail.insider.

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“As for the write-off, our plans include a fairly large-scale sale of scrap metal. Now we are preparing the first batch of 1.4 thousand tons for sale. In addition, we have about 100 locomotives that have not been in operation for more than 25 years. We will probably also put them up for sale as rolling stock with an expired service life. But it is quite possible that they will go for scrap. We will welcome if Ukrainian metallurgists also show interest in this tender”, he said.

Oleg Tofilat clarified that he is talking about diesel locomotives TE10 and ChME3 produced in the 1970-1980s, informs Railway Supply magazine.

The head of the company said that now local railway workers are using TE33AC diesel locomotives of the American company Wabtec. 12 such locomotives have been in operation since 2020.

“It would have been almost impossible for us to ensure the transportation process without them. They are now doing a lot of operational work. In general, the operation is normal, they are coping with the tasks”, he said.

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In total, the working fleet of CFM rolling stock includes 18 mainline and 28 shunting locomotives. More than 70 locomotives have expired service life.

Now the only carrier on the railway in Moldova is the corresponding state company.

However, a reform is planned. According to forecasts not earlier than in 2-3 years private operators may appear.


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