Funding for the modernization of the Malaszewicze railway border crossing between Belarus and Poland may come from the Polish government. The Ministry of Infrastructure is working on a draft act to provide Cargotor with funding for its modernization. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailFreight.


The need for new funds for the modernization of Malaszewicze is due to the fact that the European Union decided to stop funding the project. This decision was due to the EU’s focus on connecting with Ukraine, including adding the country to the TEN-T project.

A month after the incident, a transformer was lifted at the Zidani-Most station

In fact, the EU decided not to fund the planned project to upgrade the transshipment area, so this project was put on hold pending possible public funds.

In addition, Cargtor was recently acquired by the Polish infrastructure manager PKP PLK. According to a representative of PKP PLK, this takeover should lead to increased investment in improving the efficiency of rail transport. The upgrade includes the modernization of the Malaszewicze Freight Terminal, which is operated by Cargtor.

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