MIU wants to launch a freight car leasing program for UZ in 2022. According to the Minister of Infrastructure, Ukrainian enterprises are involved in the chain of production and renewal of wagons.

freight car leasing program

Within the program of reloading the fleet of UZ freight cars the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine plans to start leasing financing of this program in 2022, said Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov during the forum “Large Construction: New Railway”, informs Railway Supply.

“Starting next year, we will start a large-scale program to reset the freight car fleet. This is 46 thousand new gondola cars and grain carriers, the market – more than 100 billion UAH. We understand that this program will not work without an accessible and clear leasing mechanism – we are laying it down, planning in the 2022 budget, “he said.

According to the infographic provided by the Minister, within the program of renewal of the fleet of freight cars in 2022-2028, it is planned to upgrade 31.2 thousand gondola cars (including 1,500 units in 2022) and 14.6 thousand grain carriers (500 units).

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