LTG Link announces railway station platforms a non-smoking zone

Lithuanian rail passenger company LTG Link is creating non-smoking zones on station platforms in response to customer requests. At the same time, separate smoking areas will be allocated. The innovation applies to both conventional and electronic cigarettes, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to LTG.

railway station platforms
Picture: Vilnius Railway Station © Lukas Perminas

A similar division of platforms has already been carried out at the Vilnius railway station. According to the operator, passengers assessed the project positively. In addition, platforms in Kaunas have been declared a non-smoking zone. The smoking area is next to the car park.

It was decided to implement the idea at other large stations as well – in Klaipeda, Kaunas and Šiauliai. Over time, this practice should become commonplace at all passenger stations in Lithuania.

“Our clients have different habits, but the choice of some people should not harm others. That is why we are declaring platforms as non-smoking areas and establishing separate smoking areas. We feel responsible for the health of our customers and do not want them to breathe cigarette smoke while waiting for the train, ”says Linas Baužis, CEO of LTG Link.


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