LDz launches piggyback intermodal transportation. The national railway Latvijas Dzelzceļš has launched a piggyback intermodal transport of semi-trailers. The goal is to gain a large share of the freight market bound for Western Europe.

LDz launches piggyback intermodal transportation
Picture: Latvijas Dzelzceļš

The service under the GreenSwitch brand is designed to support the transition of transportation to rail transport, minimizing pollution when moving heavy trucks along the country’s road network. LDz believes that logistics service providers will choose the railway to compensate for the cost of road tolls and other costs for road carriers, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to LDz.

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LDz gives shippers the opportunity to reduce or eliminate road transport by transferring semi-trailers by rail, avoiding the need to use a driver or a truck.

The cargo will be collected from the point of departure or the nearest terminal and moved by Green Switch to specialized intermodal nodes of LDz in the ports of Liepaja or Ventspils. From there, they will be loaded onto the Stena Line ferry for onward travel to destinations in Germany or Scandinavia.


Press releases publication in Railway Supply magazine