Solidarity Transport Hub (STH) has announced a tender for project work worth 1.5 billion euros for the development of the railway network between Warsaw and Lodz.

проектированию железных дорог

It is the largest railroad design framework agreement in Europe to date.

The aim of the competition is to select a group of contractors to whom Solidarity Transport Hub will be able to transfer project assignments in a simplified order of executive procedures for a period of eight years.

проектированию железных дорог

STH is counting on the interest of specialized design bureaus from Poland and abroad, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Railway Pro.

The railroad design work will include elements of the center line of a new high-speed rail system that will run from the capital to major cities in the west of the country.

These include Warsaw – Solidarity Transport Hub – Lodz – Wroclaw / Poznan, the extension of the Central Railway Line to the north of the country towards Plock, Wloclawek and Tricity, and the new Katowice – Krakow line.

проектированию железных дорог

It also includes sections passing through areas that are currently excluded from railway traffic – in the northern and southeastern parts of the country, such as Masuria or Bieszczady.

The winner must provide materials for environmental solutions, software and spatial concepts, designs and studies for decisions on the placement and acquisition of property, designs of building permits for obtaining building permits, detailed designs and documentation for the selection of construction contractors.

At the same time, Solidarity Transport Hub will be able to order design services in various configurations, depending on current needs, covering the design documentation of the entire investment process or only for individual design studies.

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The tender procedure concerns a total of 29 projects, divided into 82 sections, amounting to 2,000 km of railway lines, to be completed by the end of 2034. Among them there will be sections of high-speed railways with an estimated speed of up to 350 km/h.

The STH railway investment program provides for the construction of 2,000 km of new high-speed railway lines, this is more than 10 directions to the new airport (Solidarity Airport) and Warsaw.

The estimated value of STH investments in the railway until 2034 is almost PLN 95 billion (EUR 20.35 billion).

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