In connection with the situation with migrants on the Belarusian-Polish border, the Polish authorities announced the possible closure of border crossings, including railway ones, on the border with Belarus.

close railway crossings

It should be noted that Belarus is an important link in railway transit in the China-EU direction. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.

Lithuania wants to install an X-ray control system on the railway border with Belarus

According to the head of the Polish Interior Ministry, Mariusz Kamiński, Poland has many options for influencing the Belarusian side, which Warsaw considers the organizer of the migration crisis on the border.

“They know very well that we are about to close other crossings, in particular, railway traffic,” the minister said. “Belarus is an important transit state,” he noted, noting that Poland knows how important this route is for the transportation of goods from China.

“The closure of the crossing in Kuznitsa (the checkpoint on the border with Belarus) happened after the Belarusians provoked a migration situation, illegal border crossing right next to this checkpoint. This was the first warning signal, – said Mariusz Kamiński. – We’re sending back signals. They will be in complete isolation – not only political, but also economic. “

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