KVBZ has completed the repair of the interregional locomotive traction train. In total, two such trains consisting of 5 cars run in Ukraine.

the repair of the interregional locomotive traction train
Picture: КВБЗ

The Kryukivsky Railcar Building Plant has completed the scheduled repair of cars of the interregional locomotive traction train – MPLT. Four cars underwent depot repairs, another — overhaul, informs Railway Supply magazine.

According to KVBZ, the cars are already connected in the train of constant formation by hermetic intercar transitions. Now the train is on the tracks of the KVBZ test site, waiting for the Ukrzaliznytsia acceptance commission.

ремонт міжрегіонального поїзда локомотивної тяги (2)
Picture: КВБЗ

The company noted that “visually” it is a new train. The bodies were repainted in accordance with the regulations of depot repairs. They are also in good condition inside, because they are made of stainless steel.

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At the moment, commissioning works are underway, which are possible only when the cars are connected into the train: regulation of the brake system, automatic door opening and closing systems, climate control, communication, fire alarm, etc.

the repair of the interregional locomotive traction train
Picture: КВБЗ

We will remind that cars of the interregional train of locomotive traction arrived on KVBZ for scheduled repair in April. The repairs were planned to be completed in the first decade of July.

MPLT has been operated by UZ since 2012, when on the eve of Euro 2012 a nine-car interregional train started operating on the Kyiv-Kharkiv route. Subsequently, another car was released and two trains of 5 cars were created – a total of 10 such cars were produced.


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