Joint-stock companies and plants of Ukrzaliznytsia are completely switching to the most transparent procurement mechanism. Enterprises that are 100% owned by Ukrzaliznytsia JSC will switch to a public and most transparent mechanism for any purchases from 01.08.2021. This was announced by the acting chairman of the board of the company Ivan Yurik.

Joint-stock companies and plants of UZ are completely switching to the most transparent procurement mechanism

The above enterprises will transfer all procurement procedures to the ProZorro electronic system, which unites all authorized electronic sites. This will attract a wide range of suppliers and provide virtually complete control over the transparency of purchases both directly to UZ and to society, media, regulatory authorities, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to UZ.

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“Unfortunately, until recently there was a practice when our factories and other enterprises purchased goods and services on various separate commercial electronic platforms or without a competition at all, because they did not have the legal status of “customers”, which is defined by the law “On public procurement”. As a result, we had a lack of logic in the course and results of tenders and the actual possibility of purchasing from intermediaries, with whom we agreed, ” stressed Ivan Yurik.

According to him, this is a situation in which neither Ukrzaliznytsia, nor market participants, nor state or public control could publicly monitor the procurement, changes that are made to the terms of tender documents, concluded contracts, and the like.

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The head of the company also said that Ukrzaliznytsya already has the first positive results of a similar decision on individual purchases.

“Since February of this year, our branches have carried out 41 procurement procedures for the prevention of Covid-19 using the specified tool “pre-threshold procurement” and the result was not long in coming – we have a savings of more than 27% from the expected price. Go ahead and put everything on an honest and transparent track. I am sure everyone will benefit from this, ”he summed up.


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