Ponti Design Studio has presented its own project of an autonomous double-decker ISLAND tram. The concept of social distancing, which limits the freedom of movement and interaction of people, has become a central element of the new concept. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Raport Kolejowy.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed public communications forever. After 2020, we are increasingly traveling by car, ditching the tram, bus, train or metro. The Ponti Design studio decided to create an urban transport design that would make it easier for passengers to maintain social distance. Thus was born the innovative concept of the ISLAND tram, which meets the needs of the people of Hong Kong.

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The idea to design a tram is not accidental. The trams, which have been running around Hong Kong for 115 years, are one of the attractions of the city. The name ISLAND is associated with an innovative interior design, in which the central part is occupied by round benches. They make it easier to maintain social distancing – passengers sit facing the outside of the vehicle.


The exterior design is inspired by the Hong Kong cityscape, which features wide glass surfaces and buildings with rounded corners. The rounded windows and domed roof let natural light in during the day. Large windows also provide stunning views while traveling at night.

According to the project, the tram is completely autonomous. This solution allows you to optimize the interior space. It also has a retractable pantograph for charging at tram stops. Due to this, the operator does not need to use the traction network in the city.

The interior design contrasts with the exterior. Minimalistic design, graphite black walls, soft round seats, wooden floors and finishes give the interior warmth and harmony with the environment. The dark color palette brings out the beauty of Hong Kong’s urban landscape.

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