The 13th international exhibition of transport technologies InnoTrans 2022 will be held in Berlin from 20 to 23 September 2022.

InnoTrans 2018. Copyright: Messe Berlin GmbH

InnoTrans is held every two years and is an integral part of the calendar of exhibitions in Berlin. InnoTrans’ unique concept, including an open-air display, a trade show and the extensive InnoTrans Convention program, has been a defining factor in the success of this leading industry forum.

In the mid-1990s, the rail industry identified the need for an international exhibition in the heart of Europe. Berlin was elected, and the reasons are clear – the meeting place of Eastern and Western Europe. In addition, Berlin is considered the German center of the railway industry with more than 220 manufacturing companies, therefore it is an ideal venue for an exhibition in this format.

InnoTrans 2018. Copyright: Messe Berlin GmbH

Since its first launch in 1996, the exhibition has shown continuous growth, as evidenced by all the key performance indicators – the number of international exhibitors and visitors and the amount of space used.

172 companies were on display at the first InnoTrans, which was opened on 15 October 1996 by the Federal Minister of Transport Matthias Wiessmann, Deutsche Bahn CEO Dr. Heinz Duerr and Berlin Mayor Eberhard Dipgen.

Major industry players such as Adtranz, Linke-Hofmann-Busch, Siemens and Deutsche Bahn were among the exhibitors at the first exhibition. Knorr-Bremse, Voith Turbo, Schaltbau AG and Deutsche Waggonbau AG were also featured prominently.

The fair took place in two locations – new vehicle systems and components were shown at the Berlin exhibition grounds, and rolling stock was displayed at the Wilmersdorf freight station, which is about eight kilometers away.

Exhibition organizer Messe Berlin intended to invest in its own railway site, and the 800-meter railway located directly at the exhibition grounds had already been built, even before the second InnoTrans took place in 1998. This was a milestone for the development of InnoTrans.

The number of market segments in the exhibition halls has increased: railway construction, signaling and safety technology, vehicle maintenance.

Dynamics of the number of visitors and participants of the InnoTrans exhibition

InnoTrans 2000

In two years, the Eisenbahningenieur magazine has already published the information: “InnoTrans 2000 will be the leading trade fair for railway transport technology.”

The place for the railroad track was expanded. Now the tracks, two kilometers long, reached the exhibition halls. The launch of the InnoTrans Convention gave rise to a well-structured, specialized program.

Deutsche Bahn and InnoTrans organized the first East European and Asian Railway Summit, which brought together the industry’s leading manufacturers. Three main elements of InnoTrans were created, which are still successful today – the exhibition, the exposition on the open air railways and the InnoTrans Convention.

In terms of size and quality, InnoTrans has become the leading international railway trade fair.

InnoTrans 2018. Copyright: Messe Berlin GmbH

InnoTrans 2002

InnoTrans 2002 was characterized by the presentation of new exhibition segments – “railway infrastructure” and “public transport” and, of course, by a new record number of participants. For the first time, more than 1000 companies came to Berlin.

Global players such as Alstom, Bombardier and Siemens were in attendance as well as suppliers, associations and transport companies. The launch of Virtual Market Place, a new internet marketing tool for the entire rail industry, demonstrated new opportunities for the development of the exhibition.

And if we talk about the Internet, then in 2004 InnoTrans became the first exhibition that offered visitors the opportunity to register using an online service.

InnoTrans 2018. Copyright: Messe Berlin GmbH

InnoTrans 2004

Visitors to InnoTrans 2004 were able to take advantage of a new service – excursions to view new products and an overview of the latest innovations in the railway industry.

The industry is increasingly using InnoTrans as a marketing platform for high-profile announcements of joint projects, new business agreements, but above all, to showcase new and innovative products! The exhibition is becoming a barometer for the rail industry for new trends!

So, in 2004, for example, the Korean manufacturer Rotem Company presented its new train with magnetic levitation – MagLev for the first time.

InnoTrans 2006

With the launch of the new segments Interior and Tunnel Construction at InnoTrans 2006, the exhibition covered all relevant areas of the transport industry, providing each of them with its own dedicated exhibition area.

With the emergence of the Career and Education Pavilion provided an opportunity to receive invaluable information and first-hand advice on career opportunities for trainees and students in the railway industry.

For the first time, Deutsche Bahn presented awards to its best suppliers at InnoTrans and this tradition continues today.

Bombardier celebrated the world premiere of the first TRAXX diesel-electric locomotive at InnoTrans 2006!

InnoTrans 2018. Copyright: Messe Berlin GmbH

InnoTrans 2008

Since 2008, the opening ceremony of InnoTrans has started to take place in the Palais am Funkturm building. The participation of Antonio Tajan, EU Transport Commissioner, who attended the opening for the first time, highlighted the growing political importance of the event. The section of the railway track was expanded again, and now its length was already 3500 m.

Alstom presented its AGV high-speed train at InnoTrans 2008. The public transport segment was located in the new square where the bus presentations took place. In addition, UNIFE has launched its research on the global rail market at InnoTrans.

InnoTrans 2010

In 2010, more than 2,000 exhibitors came to Berlin, a new record, and for the first time the number of visitors to the exhibition passed the 100,000 mark.

More than 50% of the exhibitors were from other countries. The railway industry began to synchronize its innovation cycles with exhibition dates, with 52 products debuting at the 2010 world exhibition. Outstanding was the presentation of the Siemens high-speed train “Velaro D”.

A new feature was the Speakers’ Corner, where, as in London’s famous Hyde Park, exhibitors had one hour to introduce themselves to the public.

InnoTrans 2012

InnoTrans 2012 is a gathering place for 2515 participants from 49 countries and for the first time all exhibition halls and an open area were completely occupied for demonstrations.

More than 100 rail vehicles were displayed on the railroad tracks. Japan became the first country to occupy an entire hall, and the number of world premieres doubled to 104.

At InnoTrans 2012, business deals were announced for a total of 1.8 billion euros.

InnoTrans 2018. Copyright: Messe Berlin GmbH

InnoTrans 2014

The tenth InnoTrans in 2014 was an outstanding industry event. The exhibition gathered 2758 participants from 55 countries (the share of foreign participants was 61%), who presented their innovative products and services, there were 140 world premieres; 145 vehicles were presented at the outdoor site, 138,872 visitors from more than 100 countries of the world saw the exhibition.

After the installation of the new exhibition building CityCube Berlin, the exhibition expanded for the first time to 40 halls instead of the previous 38.

InnoTrans 2016

At InnoTrans 2016, the number of exhibitors grew even more – 2955 exhibitors from 60 countries. 100% filling of the space of the Berlin exhibition center – 112,000 m2. 200 exhibitors participated in the exhibition for the first time. The share of foreign exhibitors reached 62%.

In the open area and on the railway tracks, the manufacturers exhibited 127 of the latest models of railway equipment. As a result of four days, the exhibition attracted 144,470 professional visitors from more than 140 countries (+ 4%). 149 world premieres – an amazing testament to the innovative potential of the railway industry and a confirmation of the trade show’s role as a marketing platform and driver of innovation!

InnoTrans 2018

The rapid development of railways – this is the picture of the success of InnoTrans 2018. On the territory occupied to the last corner of the Berlin exhibition grounds, 3,062 exhibitors from 61 countries presented the entire range of products and services of the railway industry. Including: more than 400 innovations, 155 world premieres and more than 155 vehicles.

Alternative technologies, trains and electric buses powered by batteries and fuel cells for urban transport were the most popular topics of the InnoTrans 2018 exhibition, which was attended by 153,421 professionals from 149 countries, and about 12,000 private visitors visited the exhibition during the open days.

In 2018, for the first time, in more than 20 years of holding InnoTrans, Ukrainian manufacturers were presented at such a large-scale forum with a consolidated stand from Ukraine – UKRAINE: RAILWAY SUPPLY.

Dynamics of the number of Ukrainian visitors and participants of the InnoTrans exhibition

The decision to create a consolidated stand was made by Railway Supply magazine back in 2016 after visiting the InnoTrans 2016 exhibition, and the process itself was initiated in June 2017.

Additionally, a guide to the exhibition “Ukrainian enterprises at InnoTrans 2018” was developed, which made it possible to increase the attendance of the stands of Ukrainian participants – 18 placements, 3000 guidebooks were distributed at the exhibition.

Consolidated stand – UKRAINE: RAILWAY SUPPLY

As a media partner of InnoTrans 2018, Railway Supply magazine was also presented with a separate special issue of RailwaySupply EXPO 2018 at the media stands of the exhibition itself, where 600 copies of the magazine were distributed.

In total, 15 Ukrainian manufacturers were presented at the UKRAINE: RAILWAY SUPPLY stand. More than 800 guests of the exhibition from 25 countries of the world visited our stand. The geography of visitors is Europe, Asia, Africa, America, the countries of the former USSR and even representatives of New Zealand.

Despite the postponement of the exhibition from September 2020 to September 2022, even more interest in this forum is expected!

Therefore, the Railway Supply magazine initiates the creation of an international consolidated stand of Railway Supply, if you are interested, please send a request marked “InnoTrans 2022” to


InnoTrans 2022

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