Ilyichevsk Ship Repair Plant (ISRZ) received an order for the production of platforms for railcars for the steel transportation.

Ilyichevsk Ship Repair Plant will manufacture wagon platforms for Mariupol Metallurgical Plant

This was announced by the chairman of the board of the company Mikhail Dudnikov, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply

The customer is Mariupol Metallurgical Plant.

Platforms for transportation of rolls of various weights produced by ISRZ weigh 4 tons, and their height reaches 965 mm.

They comply with the normative document “Technical conditions for the placement and securing of loads”. In addition, the plant signed the first significant container supply contract this year with a leading grain handling company.

Ukrzaliznytsia will transfer two bears to the zoo

“The container train travels at high speed and can provide grain loading from the elevator to the ship. Moreover, two container trains can replace the elevator. This option is much more interesting than hopper cars and therefore is in demand”, the message says.


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