Hong Kong introduces dynamic tram track monitoring

Following the derailment of a tram car bogie in August 2020 due to wear of a switch point, Hong Kong’s urban rail operator MTR decided to gradually deploy a system for dynamic monitoring of track parameters in real time. It is scheduled to be rolled out across the entire network within two years, informs railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Zdmira.

Hong Kong introduces dynamic tram track monitoring

The system will initially be located on two trams. The first of them will go online in March 2021, the second in the second quarter of this year.

The system includes bogie-mounted sensors that continuously monitor track conditions, including track width and vibration levels, throughout the journey. This would allow the maintenance personnel to constantly monitor the dynamics of changes in track parameters and plan the necessary repair work.

Along with this, MTR is implementing a number of other measures aimed at improving traffic safety. In particular, it is envisaged to increase the frequency of maintenance work on the track.


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