A draft amendment to the Law on Sober Education and Combating Alcoholism has been registered in the Seimas of Poland. The railroad industry’s years-long efforts to enable the sale of alcohol at stations may finally be crowned with success. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rynek Kolejowy.

Railway station

Today, passengers can drink beer or other low-alcohol drink in the train dining car, but at the same time, it is forbidden to drink in cafes and restaurants in the station buildings – it is forbidden to sell any alcohol there. As a result, passengers who want to drink either wait to board the train or leave the station area and head to diners that are not subject to the ban.

The draft amendment to the law should change this and allow the sale of light alcohol at both railway and bus stations.

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“The proposed change represents the elimination of a legal relic, it will reduce the restriction on the freedom of economic activity and increase the attractiveness, and therefore the interest, of doing business in station buildings, and therefore will also contribute to more tax revenue,” the justification indicated.

For more than a decade, railroads have been calling for changes to rules that are unfavorable to railroads. The ban on the sale of alcohol, in their opinion, scares off passengers. No one is surprised that you can drink beer at the airport before departure. The law needs to be amended and decisions need to be made that will serve the citizens.

Supporters of change agree that alcohol is too easy to buy in Poland. Simultaneously with the changes at the railway stations, the problem of alcoholism must also be addressed. Given that every fifteenth Pole drinks a lot, we really need changes and a serious approach to the problem, they summarize.

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