Freight train derailed in eastern Russia. In total, 22 cars went off the track, which led to the delay of several trains on the route. According to the operator of this section of the Trans-Baikal Railway, no one was injured in the accident. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailFreight.


“According to preliminary data, on January 18, 2023, at 7:38 local time on the Dzhiktanda-Taldan section of the Trans-Baikal Railway, 22 wagons of a freight train derailed”, Trans-Baikal Railway writes on their website. “There were no casualties, there is no threat to environmental safety.” Information on the type of transported cargo is not provided by Trans-Baikal Railway.

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The accident occurred between the cities of Skovorodino and Magdagachi in the Amur Region, not far from the border with China. This section of the railway is operated by the Trans-Baikal Railway, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, and its traffic has been temporarily suspended. When the track will work again is still unknown.

To eliminate the consequences of the accident, emergency recovery trains were sent to the scene from the nearby stations Skovorodino and Magdagachi. According to Russian media, more than 330 railway workers are working on the repair of the track. The work is being carried out in severe weather conditions with the air temperature dropping to 46 degrees below zero at night.

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