The French government has announced its intention to allocate 100 billion euros for the development of railroads in the period up to 2040 under the plan to improve the efficiency and environmental performance of the transport system of the country. Railway Supply magazine writes about it with reference to zdmira.


The analysis of the current situation and possible measures for the period 2023 – 2042 are presented in a report of the Council for Infrastructure Development (COI), an advisory body of the French Ministry of Transport. Infrastructure operator SNCF Reseau estimates that investments of 138 billion euros are needed to double both freight and passenger traffic. First and foremost, the funds should be allocated for modernization of track infrastructure. Artificial structures (bridges, tunnels, berths), built in the first half of the XX century, require special attention.

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The COI report also emphasizes that to date there are no economically justified technical solutions as an alternative to the electrification of lines for heavy and long-haul freight. Full or partial electrification of lines could be co-financed by the EU, the French National Union of Railways (SNCF) and local authorities. SNCF operator Reseau has identified three key areas that are promising in terms of freight development, with a total length of over 900 km. In addition, about 195 million euros per year are needed to maintain the secondary freight lines feeding the main corridors, with 25 million euros per year currently allocated. Additional investments are also needed to ensure the passage of trains of increased weight and length in the Atlantic corridor.

Of the socially significant measures, as proposed by French President Macron, in the 10 largest agglomerations of the country could be extended the experience of running RER commuter trains in Paris.

A discussion of concrete measures with representatives of the Directorate General for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea, SNCF Reseau and the Fret Ferroviaire Francais du Future will take place in the near future.

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