Four teenagers tried to hijack a locomotive in France

In the French city of Saverne, an unusual incident occurred when four teenagers tried to steal a locomotive to travel to Strasbourg, 40 km away. The situation occurred on the night of Friday to Saturday, March 20, informs railway magazine Railway Supply referring to

to hijack a locomotive
Fot. Flickr / Trains-En-Voyage

Four teenagers aged 16 and 17 tried to hijack a locomotive at the Gare de Saverne station. They wanted to return home to Strasbourg on it. The four managed to get into the driver’s cab. However, the attempt to start the locomotive was unsuccessful.

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When the efforts were unsuccessful, all four fled from the site of the break-in to a regional train (SNCF) TER on the platform. They got on it and in half an hour were in Strasbourg, where the police were waiting for them.

Three of the company were caught and arrested. The fourth, who managed to escape, was put on the wanted list.


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