Four new Smartron locomotives are already in operation

Four new Smartron locomotives have been delivered to the Bulgarian Railways, which have already been formed into the trains since April 29. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to BDZ.

локомотива Smartron
Picture: BDZ

Bulgarian Railways now has ten Smartron locomotives, including those recently delivered. Siemens Tron DZZD fulfilled the delivery terms stipulated in the contract ahead of schedule.

The remaining five locomotives, which are due to be provided to BDZ by the end of the year, are also likely to arrive before the specified deadlines.

After the problem of the shortage of wagons was resolved in May 2020, the constant shortage of locomotives has now been overcome. Having a sufficient number of rolling stock will reduce delays for cargo and passengers.

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Smartron locomotives, which BDZ already have, run on trains on the directions Sofia-Burgas-Sofia, Sofia-Varna-Sofia, Sofia-Svilengrad-Sofia and Sofia-Kulata-Sofia.

The new four locomotives will bear the names of the Bulgarian rulers – Prince Boris I, Tsar Simeon the Great, Tsar Peter I and Tsar Samuel. Each of them has a QR code, when scanned through a mobile device, historical information about the person in whose honor the locomotive is named appears.

Another interesting detail – each locomotive depicts a Glagolitic letter, which is a unique way of promoting and preserving Bulgarian values and the country’s rich history.

Glagolitic is the first Slavic alphabet. Created in the middle of the 9th century by the Byzantine missionary Cyril to translate liturgical texts from Greek into Old Church Slavonic.


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