Finland’s rail carrier becomes electricity producer

Finland’s rail carrier VR Group has taken the first step in its own energy production. A powerful solar power plant was installed on the roof of the Helsinki depot. The energy produced here is used in the process of servicing trains, informs Railway Supply magazine citing information from VR FleetCare a subsidiary of VR Group for rolling stock maintenance.

Finland's rail carrier becomes electricity producer

The solar power plant, commissioned at the end of 2020, is one of the largest in Finland. It consists of 2,264 solar panels. Rated power – 928 kW. The electricity generated from the power plant is used to service the Pendolino high-speed trains and cover about 25% of the workshop’s annual electricity needs. On sunny days, it is used in other sections of the railway depot.

“In addition to important environmental values, the construction of a solar power plant is also a profitable project for us from a financial point of view. After a one-time investment, the energy produced at the facility is practically free, ” VR FleetCare said in a statement.

In the future, solar power systems are planned to be used in other divisions of the VR Group. Another promising way to generate renewable energy is the use of geothermal heat pumps.


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