Express Service battery shunting locomotive goes to India!

The Eastern European leader in the production of shunting locomotives, the Bulgarian company Express Service, has sent the ES1000 battery shunting locomotive to India.

battery shunting locomotive
Picture: Express Service

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It is the first shunting locomotive to operate in India, specifically in the Mumbai metro. Express Service is working actively not only on the Bulgarian market; in June 2020, two battery shunting locomotives were sold to England, as railway magazine Railway Supply reports, citing the manufacturer’s website.

battery shunting locomotive
Picture: Express Service

At the moment, the products of the Bulgarian manufacturer are in demand all over the world. France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Israel, China and now India!

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The successful Express Service developments in the series of diesel shunting locomotives and battery-powered locomotives provides the client with a full range of shunting operations – on the territory of industrial enterprises, access roads, railway stations and even when servicing light rail and subways.


Shunting locomotives by Express Service are reliable solution to every shunting task

Two ES1000 battery-powered shunting locomotives by Express Service are going to Great Britain!

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