Estonian Operail launches a liquefied natural gas (LNG) freight locomotive. The LNG freight locomotive is expected to begin freight traffic this fall.

Estonian Operail launches liquefied natural gas freight locomotive
Picture: Operail

Estonian railway logistics company Operail has launched an LNG freight locomotive as part of its sustainability efforts. The company has converted the American General Electric C36 locomotive to run on two types of fuel, informs Railway Supply, citing Operail.

The scope of the work carried out included the reconstruction of the diesel fuel tank of the locomotive, the installation of tanks for LNG, as well as other systems. Operail says it is the first LNG freight locomotive in the Baltics and neighboring regions.

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The locomotive will now go through a stage of tuning, testing and certification before it starts freight transport.

Operail Chairman of the Board Raul Toomsalu said: “The LNG freight locomotive is one of our priority projects to transform railway transport, which is already environmentally friendly, even more environmentally friendly.

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“We hope to see the expected positive result in the form of emission reductions after the necessary tests and analyzes have been carried out, and we are planning to gradually convert other heavy freight locomotives to LNG.”

According to the company, freight transportation of the locomotive will begin this fall.


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