Electric locomotive Stadler EuroDual: Retrack and European Loc Pool announce long-term locomotive leasing deal

VTG Rail Logistics subsidiary Retrack has signed a long-term full-service leasing contract with European Loc Pool covering up to four Stadler EuroDual six-axle electro-diesel locomotives.

Electric locomotive
Picture: Stadler EuroDual

Electric locomotives (rated at 2,8 MW in diesel mode and 6 MW in electric operation) will bedelivered from the first quarter of 2021, as railway magazing «Railway Supply» informs, referring Railway Gazette.

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Announcing the contract on October 12, VTG said the locomotives would be able to haul trains up to 740 m long, and 30% heavier than trains hauled by the electric and diesel locos currently in use on the main Retrack corridors. First and last mile operation is becoming increasingly important for Retrack’s customers, and the new locos would also help reduce emissions by enabling electric operation where possible.


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